24/7 Medical Flight Services


As DRS German Air Rescue , we serve you for individual care services. Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As DRS German Air Rescue, all our employees are on duty all over the world for our customers. In addition, our national and international air ambulances are at your service in a short time.

Together, our national and international team has a broad knowledge of language and intercultural knowledge. We provide comprehensive high quality services for you all over the world, including in many crisis regions. Thanks to our staff who are experts in the field, your requests are returned extremely quickly.

If you choose us, it is possible to provide many advantages. First of all, it may be your biggest advantage if our team returns to you in a short time. All expenses incurred as a result of the activities you utilize are calculated transparently. Our services continue 24 hours a day and every day of the week. In addition to all these, all individuals working as experts in their field are individuals with international knowledge.

In addition, while serving you, as DRS German Air Rescue , we also provide services during the flight.

  • Our individual support services for patient relatives are also included in our organization.
  • land ambulance service is necessary within the borders of Turkey are offered by us people. As Worldwide Air Ambulance, we carry out our bed-to-bed transfers for you.
  • Our transfers are completed with experienced flight physicians and many assistant health personnel.
  • Our translators help you to make communication with the abroad easier with the individual.
  • Our team that will help you with all the issues you need to learn, such as visa or entry support, is within our body as DRS German Air Rescue.

If you contact us as DRS German Air Rescue, you have the opportunity to meet directly with our experts and experienced employees, not with an anonymous voice.

Immediately after you approve the transfer by contacting, the transactions are completed and the departure begins. There may be changes in the people who will take part during the flight, taking into account the transfer time.