Medevac by Ambulance Aircraft

Medical Transport Service with Ambulance Jet

In cases where the conditions of our patients are critical, it is of great importance to make patient transfers in the fastest and safest way. For this reason, the use of ambulance jets is more suitable for transporting patients in the safest way. Our patient transfers are made in European standards and our aircraft are equipped according to EURAMI standards.

Our ambulance planes, helicopters and jets are equipped with fixed intensive care equipment so that our patients can be transferred in the safest way and provide the best patient care. When deemed necessary, these equipment are accompanied by additional equipment and thus our patients are provided with the best equipment. Transfers are carried out at any time of the day, under the most favorable conditions and in European standards.

What are the Medical Equipment of Ambulance Jets?

The equipment that ambulance jets have during patient transfer includes the following equipment by default:

  • Vacuum mattress
  • Intensive breathing apparatus
  • Mobile blood gas analyzer
  • Lifeport intensive care unit (a kind of patient loading system.)
  • Minimum 6000 liter central oxygen cylinder and optional replacement tube
  • Satellite phone
  • Compact defibrillator and monitor system
  • Multi-function and parameter intensive care transport monitor

The specified equipment is the equipment included by default. We add additional equipment according to the condition of our patients and keep the health and comfort of our patients at the maximum level.

Transfers of Intensive Care Patients

As a DRS Air Rescue company, we can safely transfer not only patients with mild illnesses, but also the most complicated intensive care patients. While our patients are transported by our European standard jets in their transfers, our expert healthcare personnel are also on guard against possible dangers. In case of deterioration in the patient’s condition, our intensive care specialists immediately intervene and the patient’s health condition is taken under control.

Even flights at sea level, which are mandatory during the transfer of some patients with our planes and jets, are carried out safely. Any situation that may endanger the health of the patient is not allowed and our patients are transported under the most appropriate conditions.

We have a bed-to-bed transfer service especially for our patients with very severe conditions, and this is a service that ensures the maximum protection of our patient’s health. We also carry out the hospital and airport transportation of the patient with our ambulances and we ensure that the patient is under protection during the whole transfer.

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