Ground Ambulance Service


All necessary land transfers are carried out in fully equipped ambulance or lifeguard vehicles, each of which medical support has been completed. A personal vehicle is selected according to the patient’s condition. In this way, the best possible conditions for patient transfer are tried to be provided for the person.

Land transportation, organized as DRS-Deutsche Luftrettung, provides you with the highest quality service. There are many advantages to choosing us.

  • There is a qualified patient transfer to or from the airport used.
  • Continuous medical care is one of the quality services we provide as a DRS-Deutsche Luftrettung company.
  • Smooth patient transfer is provided without any delays or unnecessary waiting times in our transportation.
  • Patient attendants have the advantage of being able to accompany the land transfer.

In addition to our air ambulance services performed with private vehicles, our company meets the transfer process free of charge by arranging the way the patient will pass between the airport and the hospital.

As a DRS-Deutsche Luftrettung company, it has the opportunity to transfer the patient from the bed to the bed by providing ambulance or lifeguard support. Also, as our company, we work in European standards and our aircraft are equipped in line with EURAMI acceredited.

During our transfers, there are physicians and health assistants who are experts in their field. We continue our efforts to provide quality service to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you want to get more information about our land transfer process by ambulance or lifeguard vehicle, you can get information by reviewing the FAQ section.

In addition, you can arrange your reservation by getting information from our contact number by contacting experts and experienced people.