As a team that has adopted the principle of working regularly and meticulously, we always consider our patients and the safety of our patients first. In line with these thoughts, we continue our service with experienced staff and high quality vehicles. All of our planes and helicopters are fully compliant with European standards and all our equipment is equipped according to EURAMI standards. By acting in accordance with the waiting and control times in the transfer and transport works that we do with a completely patient-oriented approach within certain standards, we enable all procedures to be carried out on time for our patients.

Aviation activities are subject to very strict safety regulations around the world. The fact that we are in service by passing such a strict regulation is the assurance that all of our equipment is high-level hardware. We are not content with the fact that our equipment is proven to be safe, and we give extra security to our patients by attaching importance to unplanned protocols in order to provide maximum safety for our patients.

We are assertive in the quality of our organizations as well as in the quality of our flights and safety. We always stick to the plan in order not to encounter any glitches or extraordinary problems, and we review even the finest details over and over again.

Planning of all our flights takes place in our center in Antalya. We guarantee that you will always receive quality service.