Patient-Friendly Pressure Adjustment

During the evacuation, there are some disturbances that require an air ambulance. First of all, these include patients in intensive care, intubated patients, patients using fever or cutting tools, patients undergoing high-risk surgery, patients undergoing orthopedic surgery. As a Worldwide Air Ambulance company, all facilities required for air ambulances are specially prepared for patients.

As mentioned above, air ambulance may be applicable in some evacuation situations. However, in some cases, it is a very important factor in the change in air pressure, as well as in the air ambulance. In this case, as a Worldwide Air Ambulance company, we provide a safe flight by preparing the necessary environment for the patient. This increase in cabin pressure occurs with two measures: On the one hand, the ambulance plane flies lower than other flights. On the other hand, cabin pressure is increased by taking technical measures.

Aircraft providing ambulance service have sea level flight, or average sea level flight. In order to match the air pressure with the ground level, ambulance aircraft also have a pressure chamber. Thus, we offer you patient-friendly, pressure-compatible ambulance aircraft services.

Some clinical pictures are faced with many problems and therefore sea level flight may be necessary. These include air accumulation between the lung and chest wall, air deposits in the eye or skull, intestinal obstruction, new surgical wounds, and anemia.

As a Worldwide Air Ambulance company, our expert healthcare professionals have many years of experience in sea level flight. With the latest technology systems in our ambulance aircraft, the patient can fly safely and comfortably at sea level as soon as possible. As in all of our air ambulance services, we also have a bed-to-bed transfer service within this service. In addition, as our company, we work in European standards and our aircraft are equipped in line with EURAMI acceredited.

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