Air Ambulance Costs

Air Ambulance Fees

What are Patient Transfer Costs?

In cases where patients’ conditions are medically appropriate, patient transport services are usually provided by ambulance aircraft. Our aircraft that we use to transport patients are equipped according to EURAMI standards and our company operates in European standards. Patients are transferred to their destination by our aircraft, either sitting or lying down, depending on their health status. During the transfer, specialist medical personnel accompany the patient under medical supervision.

Our ambulance planes provide patient transfer to all parts of the world regardless of distance. If the patient’s condition is critical and the destination is at a short distance, our ambulance helicopters that can land in front of the hospitals and transfer the patient directly to the destination are preferred during the transfer. In situations requiring this transfer, one of the most curious issues of our patients or patient relatives is how much the air ambulance services cost. While calculating the costs, many factors are taken into consideration and our company DRS-Deutsche Luftrettung Air Ambulance chooses the most cost-effective aircraft meeting the conditions. These factors are as follows:

Flight Distance

The most important point when calculating the cost of the air ambulance service is the distance between the departure point and the arrival point. During the pricing on flights, the availability of the aircraft is also considered and the cost is determined by considering the flight distance and availability.

Health Status of the Patient

The healthcare team and the equipment used vary according to the health status of the patients. In some patients, flight levels may need to be different from normal levels due to more extreme conditions. If the pressure on the ground is equal to the cabin pressure, the flight time and cost increase accordingly. Therefore, the health status of the patient can be an effective factor in time pricing.

State of urgency

Our ambulance aircraft used by our company are generally used extensively. For this reason, there may be situations where our aircraft are not at the main transfer center. Therefore, in cases where our ambulance plane is sent directly to the patient from its location, there may be an increase or decrease in the cost. This depends entirely on the current location of the aircraft. In case of urgency, the price difference occurs due to the lack of possibility to return to the main transfer center.

Number of Companions

Depending on the health condition of the patient, the relatives of the patients may request to accompany our patients. In these cases, different pricing may be applied depending on the number of companions to accompany. Generally, in cases where there is an attendant, no additional fees are requested from our patients. However, the high number of companions may cause the aircraft to be replaced with a higher capacity aircraft. These situations can also increase the cost.

Transferring on Land

In some cases, our patients may need to be transferred from their location to the airport by road. As long as the vehicle used is a helicopter, there is no need for any transportation from land. However, in cases where the transfer is made by ambulance aircraft, the transfer from the land may cause additional costs depending on the excessive distance.

How Can I Get Your Air Ambulance Fee Offers?

In case you need an air ambulance vehicle, you can reach us by calling our company directly via our phone numbers on our website. If you make a request, we will prepare the most suitable offer for you as soon as possible and deliver it to you. Quotation preparation is completely free. In addition, you can ask for help from our consultants for any issues that you are concerned about or wonder about, and you can access all information about patient transport with air ambulances at any time you want.

Are Air Ambulance Fees Covered By My Insurance?

Depending on the condition of the disease or disability, the coverage of the fees by the insurance varies. Sometimes the entire fee is covered by the insurance and sometimes a certain amount is covered. Even if your expenses are not covered by the insurance company, we transfer you under the most suitable conditions. For this, it will be enough to reach us and explain your situation.

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