Helicopter Air Ambulance

Patient Transport by Helicopter

If the distance of the patient to the hospital to be transported is a short distance, the ambulance helicopter service is generally used during the transfer. Since ambulance helicopters can land much closer to hospitals, they ensure that the ground transfer phase in airplanes and jets is not required. Therefore, the cost is reduced and time is saved.

While the patient is transported by ambulance helicopters, we safely transport our patients with our helicopters in accordance with European standards. At the same time, our ambulance helicopters are very suitable for transporting patients with different types of diseases.

Transport of Intensive Care Patients by Ambulance Helicopters

The helicopters we use during the transportation of our patients are equipped according to EURAMI standards. It has all the technical equipment an ambulance has. For this reason, all problems that may occur during the transfer of intensive care patients, especially in critical situations, can be easily intervened. During the transfer of the patient, our colleagues are accompanied by our expert healthcare personnel and it is ensured that the patient is transferred safely against all possible problems. At the same time, special equipment can be added in addition to our helicopters according to the needs of the patient.

Our patients do not need to be at the intensive care level in order to be transferred by ambulance helicopters. Regardless of how severe the condition of our patient is, we treat all of them with the same care.

Ambulance Helicopter Interior Hardware

All our ambulance helicopters we use as a Worldwide Air Ambulance company have all the equipment that should be in a standard intensive care unit. Many equipment, from respirators to infection protection materials, are standard in our helicopters. At the same time, additional equipment is added for our patients who require special treatment or care.

The transfer of our patients is carried out in comfort and confidence, as in all other transfer types.

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