Korona Virus

Corona Virus Patient Transfer

Due to the corona virus epidemic that has swept the world recently, new regulations have been brought to air ambulance services by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation. In line with the decisions taken, patients with corona virus cannot be transported from abroad to our country using air ambulances. However, transplant patients from Turkey to abroad can be realized. You can contact our DRS-Deutsche Luftrettung company for patient transport.

The number of patients is increasing day by day due to the contagious corona virus that has spread from Wuhan city of China to the whole world. Due to the density of patients, many people traveling on business and European tourists have concerns about their travels. The most important reason underlying the concerns is how patients will return to their countries in case of Covid-19 infection.

Can Corona Virus Patients Travel by Plane?

It is forbidden for patients who are suspected of Corona Virus or infected with corona virus to travel by scheduled aircraft because it is risky. In such a situation, the healthiest way for patients to go to their country is to transfer by ambulance jet. Whether the patient is suitable for transfer with an ambulance plane is determined by the flight doctor after examining the medical reports. If deemed appropriate, the patient is transferred under the supervision of the flight doctor. During this trip, all health equipment and intensive care unit services that the patient may need are provided and the health status is observed by the physician.

Air ambulance services are made ready on the same day or the next day after the request and the patient is transferred to the nearest airport to the desired location as soon as possible.

Isolation of the Patient with Coronavirus in the Ambulance Plane

Preventing the spread of the virus during transfer by air ambulance is as important as the health of the infected patient. State-of-the-art isolation systems are used in the aircraft during patient transfer to prevent healthcare personnel from being infected with the virus and the spread of the virus. The patient travels within the isolation system used and is under the control of a doctor throughout the journey. In this system, oxygen is given regularly with ventilation filters and the spread of the virus is prevented by the low pressure in the system.

Patient Transfer Process by Air Ambulance

You do not have to deal with any organization before your transfer by air ambulance. After all the organization and preparations for your transfer are completed as soon as possible by our company, your medical flight is carried out safely and comfortably. All ambulances, lifeguards, etc. by our company. After organizing, your transfer to the plane is provided, the meeting and delivery times are coordinated. Except for you and our team, there are no other passengers on board. DRS-Deutsche Luftrettung ensures that your medical flight is carried out safely and comfortably with its expert medical team and years of experience.

How Much Does Air Ambulance Cost For Patients With Coronavirus?

A fixed price cannot be offered for air ambulance services. The main reasons for this are the variable services required by the patient, flight route, number of companions and urgency. However, most of the health insurance companies abroad cover this cost in cases where treatment cannot be provided in the country of residence. Most of the insurance companies do not cover the air ambulance costs of the patients who want to return to their country for different treatment alternatives in cases where treatment can be provided in the host country. In such cases, the air ambulance fees are paid by the patients personally. For information about the price, you can contact our DRS-Deutsche Luftrettung company.

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