Organ Transport

Organ Transfer by Air Ambulance

Considering the deterioration and intervention times in organs, it is very important to be fast during organ transplantation procedures. In some cases, organs may need to be moved from one point to another. Organ transfer is the biggest requirement for organ transplantation to begin. For this reason, fast organ transfer is vital for patients.

It is necessary to have a worldwide network and to meet certain standards in order to perform organ transplantation by plane or helicopter. Our company DRS-Deutsche Luftrettung is a company that provides services in European standards. Our company, which has been operating in air ambulance and medical ambulance services for a long time, works with experienced colleagues. Our colleagues complete the preparation for organ transplantation in as little as 60 minutes. Our company transfers organs almost anywhere in the world by means of planes or helicopters.

In line with the service we call organ transfer, we do not transfer only vital organs. In addition to vital organs, blood products, plasma and tissue samples are also transported by our aircraft. In addition, we take our specialist doctors and their teams to the places needed by our aircraft. Our experienced personnel are always involved in the transfers made. However, the equipment and materials used are the newest and highest quality equipment.

Our ambulance helicopters are generally used for long-distance transfers to or from the airport during transfers. The fact that helicopters can land directly on the roofs of hospitals makes transfer times very short. For this reason, the most preferred vehicle during organ transfer is ambulance helicopters.

For international organ transfer, organizations are carried out by our expert company DRS-Deutsche Luftrettung as soon as possible. The faster the organization, the shorter the transfer time will be. For this reason, our company is very sensitive and fast in organization.

As our company that provides DRS-Deutsche Luftrettung air ambulance services, there are many advantages of choosing us for organ transfer.

  • As a result of the joint work carried out with the health institutions and expert staff where the procedure will take place, the transfer process is completed as soon as possible.
  • Our institution provides support to patients and their relatives in case of additional needs such as land ambulance support and medical team.
  • As a DRS-Deutsche Luftrettung air ambulance, our experienced team offers 24/7 service for you.

You can reach our company at any time of the day to request an organization. The most appropriate technical team and medical equipment will be arranged for you according to your needs, and we will ensure that the organ transplantation is performed smoothly.

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