Frequently Asked Questions

It is forbidden for risky or infected patients to travel by scheduled aircrafts because of the risks involved. For this reason, only the ambulance jet is used when transferring these patients. The suitability of our patients for transfer is determined by examining medical reports prepared by doctors. After it is decided that there is no obstacle to the transfer of the patient, the transfer of our patients is carried out in the presence of a flight doctor.

While transferring our infected patients, state-of-the-art isolation methods are used to prevent our healthcare personnel and companions from being affected by the virus. The same procedure is applied in the transportation of all our patients with epidemic diseases. Pricing is calculated by taking into account factors such as distance and urgency, as in all our other transfers.

You can reach all detailed information about coronavirus patient transfer through our communication channels at any time of the day.

As Worldwide Air Ambulance, we have been serving in the field of patient transfer by air with our expert team for more than 10 years. We work in European standards and carry out patient transfer and transfer operations with our aircraft equipped according to EURAMI standards. Our most important priority during our transfers is the health and comfort of our patients, so we take care to carry out our work meticulously.

We provide services in both domestic and international and long-distance areas during patient transfer operations by airway. We operate as a contracted company in our business, not as an intermediary. We serve our patients from all over the world with an expert and reliable staff, and we do not compromise our high quality standards during transfer.

We attach great importance to the safety and comfort of our patients. To ensure this security, we benefit from our expert colleagues and our aircraft equipped with the latest technology equipment. At the same time, we provide 24-hour uninterrupted service and find solutions to the emergency needs of our patients and their relatives in the fastest way possible.

In addition to transportation services, we also offer interpretation services to our patients and we never leave them alone with unknown countries or conditions. However, we also provide transportation services for our pet friends and we also take special care of our companions.

We provide our patient transfer services with airline by means of passenger aircraft, private ambulance jet, ambulance helicopters, and we assist our patients during land transfers. All of our vehicles we use are equipped with the latest technology and also have all the technical equipment that an ambulance has. For this reason, we carry out transfers that can intervene against all problems that our passengers may experience.

Our expert healthcare teams never leave our patients alone throughout the entire process and ensure a safe transfer.

You can call us at any time of the day to take advantage of our transport services or to communicate with us one-on-one.

We have many competitors in the market doing the same thing as us. Therefore, I can say that most of our customers come with this question. As a Worldwide Air Ambulance company, we are a company that guarantees reliability. At the same time, we consider all our patients who apply to us and benefit from our transfer services as our responsibility and we are aware that they are the lives entrusted to us. We follow a patient-oriented approach in all transfer processes and do our best to ensure that the entire process works for the benefit of our patients.

We have been in the air ambulance service for more than 10 years and we have added our experience to our technical knowledge by carrying patients in different situations for many years. As a result of our experience, we are a company that is aware of how we should approach our patients in all possible situations. At the same time, we follow an honest approach towards all our patients. We do not cause disappointment with unrealistic explanations or unkind promises about our patients’ condition.

We always keep our promises as we adopt honesty as a principle to ourselves as a whole team. We also apply transparent pricing when pricing. We do not put our patients or their relatives in difficult situations with additional fees or high costs.

We accompany our patients not only during the air transfer phase but also during the land transfer phase, and we continue to work in an organized way to avoid any problems.

We are a company serving European standards. All of our aircraft are equipped according to EURAMI standards. For this reason, we are a company that has proven our quality internationally.

We apply an equal approach to all of our patients, regardless of any additional features. It is only the needs of our patients that concern us, and we do our best to fulfill this need with care.

We work with a fully expert staff. All of our healthcare personnel accompanying our patients are also experts in their fields. For this reason, you can always entrust your patients to us safely.

You can call us at any time of the day to take advantage of our transport services or to communicate with us one-on-one, and you can get detailed information about our services through our communication channels.

In case you need an air ambulance vehicle, you can reach us by calling our company directly via our phone numbers on our website. In line with your request, we take care to prepare the most suitable offer for your transfer transactions as soon as possible. Offer preparation is done by us completely free of charge. In addition, you can ask for help from our consultants for any issues that you are concerned about or wonder about, and you can access all information about patient transport with air ambulances at any time you want.

For the transfer, all you have to do is call us on our phone number. After you call us, we talk to you about all the details of the transfer in the atmosphere of mutual conversation. After reaching a definite conclusion about the needs and wishes of our patients, we prepare the most suitable offer for you with precision and send it to you. While communicating, we take care to reach a conclusion in the shortest and clearest way.

If you give your approval after reviewing our transfer offer, we will send you the offer we have prepared in writing again. The offer we sent in writing does not only include pricing. Information about the transfer such as flight time, arrival time, welcome and distance is also sent to you with our written offer. In the event that you approve our written offer, we begin the planning of our plane and flight, where the transfer will take place, and we get all the necessary permissions for the organization.

We usually take payments by money order or credit card, but if you wish to pay in cash, you can pay to our head office. After the payment process is completed, we complete our transfer in the most comfortable way for our patient on the date and time of the transfer.

We consider many different factors to charge for transfers. In order to determine the transfer fee clearly and precisely:

  • Flight Distance
  • Health Status of the Patient
  • State of urgency
  • Number of Companions
  • Whether to Transfer On Land
  • Model of the Airplane to be Used
  • Availability of aircraft to be used

Factors are taken into account. Under all circumstances, we take care to keep pricing in the most transparent and appropriate way for you. You can reach us via our phone number to get information about our transfers at any time of the day. In line with your needs, we will send you the most suitable offer free of charge as soon as possible.

Our transfers can be carried out after one hour of preparation in cases where patients need to be transported urgently. If you have special permissions, we will complete our transfers as soon as possible. However, in cases where there is no urgency, transfer times are affected by factors such as the availability of the aircraft, location, duration of organizational procedures, and the completion time of the documents, but they do not cover a very long period. Since our expert colleagues provide 24-hour service, all our transfer and transfer operations are carried out in the shortest possible time, in the highest quality and safely.

You can contact us 24 hours a day via our phone number to create a transfer request, get an offer, report urgency or ask any questions you may have.

We serve the whole world without any country or distance restrictions during patient transport operations. Therefore, if you want to be it in Australia in Turkey does not matter for us, it sided by your care if you contact us we perform transport operations.

We provide fast transportation even over long distances with our ambulance jets designed especially for patient transfers over long distances. For this reason, no matter which country or continent you want to get service, we are with you as soon as possible and we complete your transfer operations in a short time.

For any questions you may have, you can call us at any time of the day via our phone number.

In most of our patient transfers by airway, the relatives of the patients can be accompanied by at least one person. The number of companions varies according to the characteristics of our aircraft to be used during the transfer. In cases where you want the participation of a large number of companions, if you specify this during the offer, the choice of aircraft to be used and pricing can be made according to your request. At the same time, medical attendant support can be provided by our company in cases where patients’ relatives are not available and patients are not able to For additional needs or any changes or information, you can reach us via our phone numbers at any time of the day.

Only our specialist doctors who know the equipment of our aircraft can decide on the suitability of our patients for air transfer. Our flight doctors, who accompany our patients during the transfer procedures, accept all the responsibilities of our patients. At the same time, they have the knowledge and competence to decide whether our patients are suitable for air transfer and flight, based on the experience of having worked in this sector for many years. It can be a little more difficult to understand the suitability for the transfer to occur in situations where there is uncertainty in the patient’s situation. In these cases, our doctors can also get opinions from the doctors and patient relatives involved in the treatment of our patients.

If our doctors think that our patients are weak or not suitable for air transfer, the transfer of our patients cannot be performed. We always want our patients’ health and well-being. For this reason, we do not make transfers that should not be made with financial concerns.

There is never any situation such as lack of equipment in the absence of transfers. All of our aircraft are in European standards and all our equipment is equipped in accordance with EURAMI standards. For this reason, we have the opportunity to transfer even our comatose or paralyzed patients. Even intensive care conditions can be easily provided in our aircraft. We continue our work by including all our flights, including the special conditions of our patients, in the plan. From the very beginning of our organizational stages, our expert flight doctors are in the process and all situations that may pose an obstacle to the health of our patients are eliminated. In other words, the only situation that may prevent our transfers is the unfavorable health status of our patients. In all cases other than these, we provide the best medical health services for all our patients, both in the air transfer and land transfer stages.