Our company

DRS-German Air Rescue

Who are we?

Our company is one of the most reliable addresses of patient transfer with air ambulances between countries and continents all over the world with its experience of more than 2 years and its expert team. We approach each patient with a great sense of responsibility. It is very important for us that patients and their relatives can sleep safely with the awareness of the life entrusted to us.

As a contracted company, not only an intermediary, we are at your service 24 hours a day with our consultants serving in all languages. Thanks to years of experience and proven working principles, our consultants take care of all your questions without making use of an anonymous call center.

Our Team

Our employees from different cultures and nationalities from all over the world form the basis of our high quality standards. Our team meets the needs of each patient in the best way and takes great care to ensure the most comfortable transfer of patients, both during the journey and during the transfer and reception organizations. We rely on our employees, who are our biggest supporters in maintaining our high quality standards.


As a Worldwide Air Ambulance, the safety of patients is very important to us. We guarantee your safety with the experience of our employees and our vehicles equipped with the latest technology. Our flight equipment is at the highest level and we carry out extra checks to ensure maximum safety. The aviation regulation is strictly regulated around the world, which is a guarantee that no safety risk can arise in any situation not connected to us.

Quick Help for Emergency Situations

With our 24-hour staff, no matter where you are in the world, the vehicle and organization you need is prepared as soon as possible without getting caught in bureaucracy. In our services, we apply transfer plans specially prepared for each patient and thus, we are able to transfer patients without any problems by meeting the expectations of the patients in the best way. Our Services:

Our Services:

  • Organization of the whole transfer by air ambulance vehicles or lifeguard vehicles.
  • Translation services
  • Special service for patient attendants
  • Transport service for pets