What is One-Stop Patient Transfer?

All organizations that require patient transfer from bed to bed in order to protect the health and current condition of the patient are organized by our company Worldwide Air Ambulance. Within this organization, there is not only the transportation of our patients to the departure and destination points. However, everything necessary for the land transport of our patients is also included in the services organized by our company. Our company also organizes the ambulance or lifesaving services required for the transfer operations of our patients, and we aim to ensure that our patients are transported in maximum safety and comfort.

Our bed-to-bed patient transfer service guarantees a smooth transfer process for all our patients. During the transfer of our patients, if changes are required due to weather conditions or any unintentional factors, these changes are reported to the providers who will assist in land transfer. In this way, situations such as waiting for long periods of our patients or having to be in uncomfortable conditions are prevented.

Our company Worldwide Air Ambulance is a company that carries out patient transport in European standards. For this reason, transportation procedures are carried out considering the health, comfort and interests of our patients. In addition to our standard transfers, our transfers can be personalized in accordance with the demands of our patients and patient relatives. In line with the demands of our patients and our experience, we complete the transport operations with our aircraft, all equipped according to EURAMI standards.

One-Stop Patient Transfer Advantages

  • The process is completely smooth
  • Pricing is completely transparent
  • No hidden cost additions
  • It is the most comfortable transfer method for patients.
  • All transactions are done by our company Worldwide Air Ambulance, so no additional effort is required.
  • Transfers are made to different points such as clinic and private residence at the destination.
  • Costs are kept to a minimum
  • The quality is at the maximum level during the transfer.
  • Our patients and their relatives are informed before and during the process.

In line with our working principle, the most important thing for us is the health and needs of our patients.

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