Domestic Air Ambulance Flights

Inside Patient Transfer of Turkey

As a Worldwide Air Ambulance company, we provide our patients with care, safety and speed in our domestic patient transfers, just as in our international transfers. We accompany patients in all transport processes due to compulsory reasons or in line with their wishes. In line with the needs of our patients, we provide transportation operations with ambulance planes, ambulance jets or ambulance helicopters. Our company works in European standards and our aircraft are equipped according to EURAMI standards.

Different factors are effective in choosing the vehicle used. There are many other factors such as the health status of the patient, the distance to be transferred, the number of attendants. At the same time, the conditions of the place where the vehicle will land are also very important in vehicle selection. Regardless of the tools we use in the services we provide, we show the same care and sensitivity towards our patients, and we make extra efforts to ensure that the transport processes are completely healthy and safe.

All of our vehicles are equipped with fixed intensive care equipment and each of our vehicles has the same hardware features as an ambulance. At the same time, a doctor or a team is accompanied by a doctor or a team according to the course of the disease in all of our patients, and maximum precautions are taken against all possible problems. As a Worldwide Air Ambulance company, our priority is always the health and safety of our patients.

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