Coffins And Funeral Transports

Transport may be necessary so that the funeral, which is an unpleasant situation, can sometimes be brought back from abroad and sometimes buried with relatives. In these cases, the transfer of funerals by plane provides the fastest work. However, this is a very costly situation for people. Of course, besides the expense, it is a situation that requires a lot of precision.

There are many arrangements for funeral transfer by plane here. In addition, some procedures are required for transport and customs procedures. Not only that, there are some strict rules for shipping operations. For example, many documents are requested, such as the coffin required for the funeral, to be lead or zinc, to have wooden coffins wrapped with canvas, to include the necessary documents for exit, and the consulate.

In addition to all these, we, as the DRS-Deutsche Luftrettung, deal with the aircraft organization operations in order to stay away from such transactions while dealing with the costs and obligations of the funeral. Our transfer experts provide the requested documents in accordance with all legal requirements and carry out a DRS-Deutsche Luftrettung funeral transfer. We take the corpse to the place where it will be buried safely and quickly. In addition, as our company, we work in European standards and our aircraft are equipped in line with EURAMI acceredited.

As a DRS-Deutsche Luftrettung company, which provides uninterrupted service 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, we offer offers for aircraft and funeral transport upon your request.

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