Medical Repatriation

Medical Transport Service from Abroad by Plane

Whichever vehicle you are traveling with, there is always the possibility of unexpected events happening to you. Many different travels such as cruise, plane travel, holiday tours, city trips or country trips, even though we do not want to think about it, host different risks. An accident or sudden illness that we had suddenly on our very enjoyable holiday, can quickly turn into serious problems.

In cases of sudden accident or similar situations, people usually want to continue their treatment in their own country after the first intervention on site. There are many different reasons why patients want treatment in their own countries. One of the biggest reasons for this is that they want to be treated in safe hands in their own way. In addition, the level of development in the health conditions of their country or region is also very effective. For example, if the destination is an exotic country, adequate medical facilities are often not provided. Inadequate interventions, even if there is a small problem at the beginning, may cause the disease to progress and cause annoying consequences. At the same time, patients generally want to be close to their families and overcome their illness process both faster and more safely. As mentioned, in cases of sudden accident and illness, patients need medical transport by plane.

What Are the Medical Transport Opportunities by Plane?

1. Medical transport service with ambulance aircraft

The most important issue that is taken into consideration when providing medical transport with an ambulance plane is the patient’s health status and the distance to be covered. Considering these issues, we ensure that the most suitable aircraft in our fleet is allocated and that the patient reaches his country safely. The aircraft in our fleet are equipped with the latest medical equipment. In this way, although patients are in the air, the care they need is provided in the best way thanks to senior personnel. Even if the transferred patient is in the intensive care patient transfer category, the same quality of care and attention is paid even if the patient is transferred due to a less complicated complaint. At the same time, they are transported as fast as possible.

2.Medical transport service with passenger aircraft

If the patients who need to be transferred are suitable for inpatient transportation, and the patients whose condition is stable, the medical transport service by passenger plane during the transfer is usually sufficient. If there is no need for intensive care during the transportation of the patient, the patient can safely fly home on the stretcher and in the company of expert medical personnel, by removing a few passenger seats on the passenger plane and placing a stretcher in its place. During any complications that occur in the patient, healthcare personnel can intervene quickly, so that the health and safety of the patient can be protected and transferred by specialists.

When Can Medical Transport Service Be Used?

Our patients and patient relatives who consider the health of our patients can reach us at any time of the day. If you tell our expert staff about the situation, they will help you for the next step, and they will deliver the most suitable offer for you according to the patient’s condition and distance. If you approve the offer, our expert team will take care of all the remaining transactions. In this process, we take care of all procedures, including the transfer of the patient to the airport. Communication with doctors and official authorities abroad is also provided by us.

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