Air Medical Escort

Medical Accompanying Service During Flight

In cases where our patients feel weak, a companion must be present. However, in some cases, relatives of our patients may not be able to accompany them. In such cases, if any of the relatives of the patients are unable to accompany them, the medical accompaniment service is provided to our patients by our company Worldwide Air Ambulance. In order for this service to be provided, our patient must not have an acute illness and be able to move.

All of our flights comply with European standards and all of our aircraft we use during our flights are equipped according to EURAMI standards. During our flights, in addition to hardware support, a specialist doctor or a paramedic colleague travels close to our patients. Our medical attendant makes the first intervention to our patient in cases where there is any worsening or mishaps in the condition of our patients. During the intervention, our first aid equipment, which must be kept on every flight, is used.

The most important feature of the attendants who will accompany our patients is that they are professional and competent companions. However, only professionalism cannot help our patient’s flight to become the best and most comfortable.

Therefore, patients and companions must be compatible. Any discomfort that may occur during the flight in our patient may cause the flight to become uncomfortable or worse. Since our patients who complete the transplant with a compatible companion will be in a more comfortable position psychologically, our flights are both more comfortable and more oriented towards our patients. This enables our flights to provide a more successful medical transportation service.

Our flights with a medical companion are generally Business Class flights. In some cases, flights are operated in Economy Class. This choice varies depending on the health status and possibilities of our patient. Regardless of how it is carried out, the most important thing for us during the flight will be the health and comfort of our patients.

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