What We Stand For

Reliability and Responsibility

All of our patients mean lives entrusted to us. For this reason, we consider all our transfers and transfers as a responsibility, and we do whatever is necessary to ensure that all conditions and possibilities are for the benefit of our patients. It is our responsibility to ensure that all our patients and patient relatives can sleep comfortably. Our company is aware of its Worldwide Air Ambulance responsibilities and follows a completely patient-oriented approach.

We always respond to the responsibility we face every day and the demands of our customers by using our analytical thinking skills. We fulfill our responsibilities within the framework of trust and devotion, and do our best for happy customers. By thinking analytically, even in crisis situations, we never let go of security, and we make the best practices for our patients.

Honesty and Integrity

Due to the nature of our work, we often encounter emotional situations that challenge our patients and their relatives and require sacrifice. However, we are always honest with our patients and families and always explain the situation to them in the most transparent way. We are a company that has gained trust thanks to our honesty. We always run our business through what should happen and what happened, and we do not make promises we cannot keep. At the right time, we can say no to our patients. We see this not as a weakness, but as a task we have to undertake, and we do not go under the things we cannot do and promise empty hopes. Our guarantees for communication:

  • We always keep our promises.
  • When communicating, we are always open and do not compromise on honesty.
  • We see each of our patients as a part of our family and apply the same procedures to the individuals with whom we have blood ties.
  • We always make transparent pricing. We will not victimize you with additional fees and hidden costs.

Equality and Diversity

As our company, we only treat all our patients with the eyes of human beings. We value our patients because they are human, regardless of religion, language, political opinion, race, sexual orientation or gender. For this reason, all our patients are always equal in our eyes, and it is our most important duty to show the highest quality treatment and attention. All our patients receive service under the highest standards.

We value not only our customers but also all our colleagues in the same way, and treat them equally and fairly. We are aware that all of our colleagues are potential trainers for us and other colleagues. We support our colleagues from different nationalities and different characteristics, and we are willing to do so. This diversity enables us to better understand our different patients and to give more appropriate returns to their demands. We provide the most suitable and understandable service to our patients from every country and region.