Commercial Airline Repatriation

Patient Transport with Passenger Plane

The situation of our patients is usually situations that require transfer by a private plane, helicopter or jet. However, from time to time, when the condition of our patients is stable, passenger aircraft and transport services are preferred. This method, which does not endanger the health of the patient and does not cause any complication, also has the possibility of providing a cheaper service for medical transport. In order for this method to be preferred, the health of our patient should definitely be favorable. Our company DRS-Deutsche Luftrettung Air Ambulance is a company that provides services in European standards and its priority is always to protect the health of its patients. For this reason, we pay extra attention to such rules.

During the transfer of our patients by passenger aircraft, our specialist healthcare personnel accompany our patients with modern health equipment suitable for the patient. DRS-Deutsche Luftrettung Air Ambulance offers three different alternatives to its patients to provide the most appropriate transportation service for their health conditions.

Medical Escort

In this transfer method, which is generally used for patients with stable health conditions, the majority of our patients are transferred by sitting. During the journey, our patient is accompanied by one of our experienced doctor colleagues. In this way, our patient is ensured to be safe during the transfer process.

Transport with the aid of a stretcher

In cases where our transferred patient needs to be transported inpatient, the transfer is carried out by placing a stretcher in the passenger cabin. During the transfer, our patient is accompanied by a doctor and a first aid assistant. Our colleagues are professional and highly knowledgeable. Immediate intervention is provided to our patients in case of need. At the same time, as a result of transfers made by this method, relatives of the patients can also accompany them by purchasing a ticket from a seat close to the patient.

Transport of Intensive Care Patients

Patients whose condition is stable but require intensive care can also be transported by passenger aircraft. The compartment in which the patient is transported has been medically designed as indistinguishable from an ambulance. In this way, patients requiring intensive care can be transferred safely and quickly, even if they are dependent on artificial respiration.

In the patient compartment, there are infection protection materials, intensive care monitors that monitor blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation and body temperature. In addition to these, there are portable intensive care breathing apparatus, defibrillator, syringe pump, oxygen, external pacemakers and pressure infusion cuffs.

As a DRS-Deutsche Luftrettung Air Ambulance Company, we work in European standards with our aircraft equipped according to EURAMI standards. During the transfer of our patients, we communicate with the relevant institutions and ensure that the transfer of the patient is completed under the most appropriate and healthy conditions. The health of our patients is always important to us.

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